Meet Juanita A. Bulloch, Founder of J.A.B. Coaching

Even as a small child, Juanita found numbers intriguing. That passion led her to study mathematics which she taught in middle school and high school for over 13 years. Offered an opportunity to move into the business sector, Juanita spent more than 30 years in the executive, engineering, and small business sectors in a variety of capacities, installing computer systems, providing accounting services from payroll to CFO. She also used her skills to set up and manage benefit plans, and served as manager and president. She worked across a variety of industries including steel, finance, hospitals, health and life insurance, horse boarding.

While working in the steel fabrication business, she joined forces with engineers and became an integral part of their operations using her mathematics education and background to learn the materials used in the process, the importance of accurately estimating the cost of projects, and how to ensure quality workmanship.

Upon the unexpected death of the owner, Juanita was elected CEO of a financially troubled organization. She had the opportunity to experience first-hand what a difference personal coaching can make. The company transitioned from struggling to successful under her leadership as a direct result of the coaching she had received. She was able to pass along what she had learned by motivating employees to work together as a team. Because of the coaching she received as president and the willingness of employees to work together, the company was turned around.

That experience prompted Juanita to pursue personal development. She earned both Certified Professional Coach and Certified Master Coach certifications through the Center for Coaching Certification and is a member of the International Coach Federation.

Committed to contribute and give back to her community, she served in volunteer positions on educational and civic boards, including the Boy Scouts of America, and as a math tutor for at-risk students.

Since leaving the corporate world, Juanita spends her time caring for horses and actually lives in a barn that serves as a horse hotel. In addition, she works as a virtual assistant in customer service for a coach training company. Interacting with nature is important to Juanita as she chooses to make conscious choices to live a healthy lifestyle.

Recently, she refocused her coaching business to meet the needs of women. She is passionate about drawing on her experience in the corporate world and integrating it with her training as a coach to empower women to take control of their finances and, therefore, of both their present and future well-being through a respectful, caring, and compassionate one on one customized coaching relationship.



  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from University of Georgia
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Francis Marion University
  • Master of Business Administration from Francis Marion University
  • Certified Master Coach from Center for Coaching Certification