Hello and welcome to the website for JAB Coaching and Mentoring

My name is Juanita A. Bulloch. As a Business Coach and Mentor, Certified Master Coach, and owner of this company, I look forward to interacting with you and learning more about your passions. After having spent more than 30 years in the executive, engineering, and small business sectors, I now assist others in unlocking their potential in these same areas.

Some of the skills I used as a small business employee and consultant included installing computer systems, performing accounting functions from payroll to CFO, setting up and managing benefit plans, and serving as manager and president. I worked in the following industries:

  • Auto sales
  • Finance
  • Health and life insurance
  • Horse boarding
  • Hospitals
  • Steel distribution and fabrication

While working in the steel fabrication business, I joined forces with engineers and became an integral part of their operations process. I quickly learned the materials used in the process, importance of accurately estimating the cost of projects, and how to ensure quality workmanship. These experiences gave me the opportunity to use my mathematics education and background while adding to my lifelong love of learning.

As a newly elected CEO of a financially troubled organization, I had the opportunity to experience first-hand what a difference personal coaching can make. The company transitioned from struggling to successful under my leadership as a direct result of the coaching I had received. I was able to pass along what I had learned by motivating employees to work together as a team.

This experience prompted me to pursue personal development and eventually business coaching as a career. I went on to earn Certified Professional Coach and Certified Master Coach certifications through the Center for Coaching Certification in an International Coach Federation approved program. I also hold the following credentials:

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics Education from University of Georgia
  • Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Francis Marion University
  • Master of Business Administration from Francis Marion University

In past volunteer positions, I served on educational and civic boards, including the Boy Scouts of America. I currently volunteer as a math tutor for at-risk students and as a mentor to small business owners.