Ask yourself


 What is it for you?

 Where do you start?

 What is holding you back?

 What encourages you each day?


Juanita A. Bulloch Certified Master Coach

Everyone has these questions, but tragically most people push them into their subconscious because it makes them feel uncomfortable. As a result, they remain stuck in the status quo. That doesn’t have to be your reality when you take control of your own destiny with the assistance of a professional coach.

It will be my honor to be your coach. In this partnership, we work together to find your empowerment. You learn to find answers freely, take responsibility for the results of your choices, and express the awareness and knowledge you gain through the coaching process.

Every interaction we have together takes place in a safe, healthy, and positive environment. I use and teach effective communication that helps you identify your goals, overcome barriers, and take decisive action. Both of us work with an understanding and appreciation of ourselves and others.

I Want to Hear from You A comfortable rapport is the indicator of a successful coaching relationship. Key to your success is selecting a coach who you trust and who continually motivates you. Please contact me for an initial conversation so I can help you explore your goals while you decide if I am the right coach for you.